Game 85


is brad playing the DS??

if so bring it on weenie!


ps if you are on my team, I am idiot :wink:

By their repeated and unsuccessful attacks on Arthedain, both Rhudaur and The Witch King are trying very hard to disprove the adage that a good offense is the best defense. Keep it up, boys!

Whit -

Your side is doing well - parking 13000 troops on the north area of Mordor is impressive…keeping those two agents and those artifacts together might make some noise too - waiting for that curse team to appear (not long now I’d imagine)

Tip the hat to you - Jz of the DS

Whit abandoned his nation several months ago.

Well played up in the northwest… very well coordinated, and planned…

you threw everything you could and disrupted all our plans and ideas. its almost as if you broken our enigma codes,… :slight_smile:

Well played guys.

Reklan, Thank you for your kind and sportsmanlike words. In previous games as a FP, I have seen RH and WK invade Arthedain early and capture its capital. As Arthedain in this game, I organized an active defense of my nation to defeat that threat. Meanwhile, Cardolan, the Duns, Dwarves and Noldo invaded Rhudauria and WK-land. Nevertheless, this continues to be a hard-fought game.

Is the rumour true? have the darkies surrendered?

:slight_smile: As an Arthedain player many times in the past… I have seen that maneuver as well… It can be very effective, but leaves everything vulnerable back home…

Never the less it was a great effort on your side for the excellent co-ordination. I salute you all…

Dave ex of Rhudaur

Yes, a good number of us have surrendered… not sure it everyone officially have yet.

Well Played to the Free for a good game

Hi! I am Cardolan. It was me who insisted we burn everything. Sorry about that.

Well we decided to roast what weenies we had left -