Game 86

Hail DS, FP and fellow Neutrals!

The mighty Rhudaur bid greetings and salutations to all Lords and Ladies of Middle Earth. I look forward to discussions and possibly alliances in the near future. Please respect my borders and I shall respect yours for the time-being…

Lord Arfanhil of Rhudaur

Greetings Lord Arfanhil! Greetings fellow unaligned nations! Greetings to both warring factions!

The tribes of Dunland have unified under Lord Enion and Lady Eribhen. We are open to all diplomatic parlay from all nations. We consider the lands east of Swan River and west from the Gap of Rohan our ancestral lands.


Greetings from Umbar. The Corsairs seek audience, most particularly with our neighbors friend Harad and our Easterling friends. -

Greetings from the Harad. I am open to audience and possible alliances.

Dog lord here . Want to say hello to all the neutrals.

I have a email address for the Duns and the Corsairs.

I need email addresses for Harad,Rhudaur and the Easterlings.

My email address

I will check the forum to see if you other guys have put up a e mail address and thank you .

James ghiotto/ dog lord

Harad can be reached at

My email is

Lord Arfanhil of Rhudaur

Ren the Unclean seeks audience with all neurals.

Has anyone heard a word from Khand? I’m beginning to suspect Clint forgot to include them in the game.

As we haven’t heard from any Free Peoples in 10 days, and we have only spoken to one of them,(you will note there is no contact information for any of them on this thread), thought I would mention that we are still down here.
Just sayin’ Cap’nQuahog, Sea Lord of Umbar

Friends, neighbours and potential enemies!

The Chiefs of the Easterlings are travelling from the furthest reaches of our lands and will convene in a few weeks to determine if the Easterlings will join in this war and if so on what side.

We wish you all well in your endeavours.

The Easterling commander ordered his men to halt for the night, picking a quiet valley floor, with gently running stream to water the horses. His men settled down for a peaceful night…

…as the cock crowed the Easterlings roused themselves; the General, laden fork poised with a mouthful of steaming ham and eggs was rudely interupted by a frantic messenger…

‘General!!’ he blurts out, come quick!
With a sigh the Genral places his fork back on his plate, and patiently folds his napkin before rising form the table, the only sign of annoyance was in his rather brisk discard of the napkin onto his seat.

He exits his tent and surveys the morning dawn light and gentle mist…‘well what is it Hadri?’
The messenger points to the hills…

Across the skyline at either side of the valley, spears, horses, shields, and all the panoply of war are arranged, staring down and across at the Generals camp and each other…

…Oh dear…not such a good place to camp after all methinks…

So my dear colleagues contrary to rumours the Easterlings have not declared, we are neutral. The fact we’ve stumbled onto y’all is just coincidence. I’d left our move late to try and avoid just such an incident…the road being the easiest way to get out of the way!

We will order defend and move orders as i don’t want any part of your battle. Please attack each other and not me!

Having had no contact from either side except a missive from Ren a couple of turns ago to which i replied on this forum i have no contact details of anyone so have not been able to advise.

Hope someone reads this!



Did Ren contact you via Ouija Board? My understanding is that his last words were “This shouldn’t be difficult. Hold my beer.”

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I heard that as the crowd gathered for the challenge it was just as you described that Ren told his unclean servant to “hold my beer” but while trying to pass his beer, Ren accidentally spilled his beer all over the city square.

This egregious crime of alcohol abuse sent the gathered crowd into a fit of rage who went berserk at spilling the Mark’s finest ale and tore the Nazgul apart.

Lesson - Never spill the Mark’s ale!!!

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lol! oh dear…poor Ren…i wondered why he went quiet!

The Easterlings, renown for their hospitality, have asked all their current guests to please make sure they don’t leave the place in a mess when when they leave. We are very pleased to see so many Dwarves, fresh from their diggy diggy holes (such a great tune!), and hope they will deposit a little silver to cover the costs of all the food and ale consumed from the local hostelries! :wink:

As i said ladies and gentlemen; i’m neutral and will remain so for a few turns yet.

Thank you all for not attacking my meagre forces :slight_smile:

A hastily written message arrives for the Dwarven Commander.

Your words from last turn ring true and you maintained your neutrality. Your guests will leave your fine pop centers unharmed and will continue on their way.

Also, we hope that seeing so many Blind Sorcerer bodies on the field of battle last turn was not too upsetting for any new recruits in your army that happened to be in the area.

The Northmen

In truth it was most alarming, but everyone assuaged their horror by looting the bodies. We nearly had enough unbroken pieces to make a full suit of armour!

Excellent note by the way, although i question some of the grammer! :wink: (like i know lol)