Game 86

Hail DS, FP and fellow Neutrals!

The mighty Rhudaur bid greetings and salutations to all Lords and Ladies of Middle Earth. I look forward to discussions and possibly alliances in the near future. Please respect my borders and I shall respect yours for the time-being…

Lord Arfanhil of Rhudaur

Greetings Lord Arfanhil! Greetings fellow unaligned nations! Greetings to both warring factions!

The tribes of Dunland have unified under Lord Enion and Lady Eribhen. We are open to all diplomatic parlay from all nations. We consider the lands east of Swan River and west from the Gap of Rohan our ancestral lands.


Greetings from Umbar. The Corsairs seek audience, most particularly with our neighbors friend Harad and our Easterling friends. -

Greetings from the Harad. I am open to audience and possible alliances.

Dog lord here . Want to say hello to all the neutrals.

I have a email address for the Duns and the Corsairs.

I need email addresses for Harad,Rhudaur and the Easterlings.

My email address

I will check the forum to see if you other guys have put up a e mail address and thank you .

James ghiotto/ dog lord

Harad can be reached at

My email is

Lord Arfanhil of Rhudaur