Game 902 aftermath

I was playing WK/DkLts in game 902 and I just want to congratulate the Arthedain player. Firstly for using the optimum strategy! I’ve played WK many times and no one else has gone for the jugular as you did, preferring to chip away at the smaller pcs which in truth as little impact on the WK position. Going right for my capital is IMO the right move.

Second, HOW did you muster so much cavalry!!!??? Even taking the 250LC and 250 HC Rewards would not account for it. You absolutely crushed me!! I’m guessing that your allies, perhaps Harad, bought mounts and sent them to you? WOW!

Good game!


Hi Jeremy,

I admit, I’m glad it was against you. We have gone at it a couple of times now and you’ve had some success against me in couple of gunboat games where I was NG and you were DrkL and then we steam rolled as gunboat teammates, you as NG and me SG. So, this was really the first time I’ve got the best of you. It’s always a challenge.

As for the cav, it’s all about strategic choices. I bought the mounts on T1 and everything that was needed to ensure I accomplish the task in one try. No resources from teammates. My vision was to keep options open until the intel showed how you were moving. Once we had a feel of your positioning, Cardolan and Arthy cutoff your return route. We had a couple of hiccups, but we did accomplish our goal.

And we kept that cutoff strategy in place when we moved against Rhudaur. We also excellent intel so that helped army movements be efficient. My biggest disappointment was your commander stepping off of Mt Gram and blocking Argeleb who was attempting to move evasively by him. Argy was 123 at the time and your guy, I think was 40. Very disappointing.

I look forward to the next go round. Always a pleasure to play in a game you are participating.

There is one thing about evasive movement which just seems WRONG. You should not stop the enemy army that you are moving evasively past. I’m not making an argument for game realism here, but rather game balance. Earlier on when you moved evasively from 1804, my armies got stopped on the road while you continued on. It just makes evasive movement far too powerful. With high-ranking commanders, it has the impact of paralyzing enemy army movement for fear they will be stopped and unable to return to the prime target.

At any rate, congratulations on your victory and kudos for your excellent play. I can’t imagine how the Arthedain could afford all that, must have emptied your treasury and made you a beggar from the other FP in the ensuing turns? :slight_smile:


I did push my economy. I never received any resources from teammates. I believe all 25 nations offer different strengths and I like to play my nations within the framework of its strengths.

If a nation has boats, it has them for a reason.
If a nation has the greatest economy in the game, there is a reason for that. etc etc etc…

Too often I hear players rationalize this or that must be done and too often those choices do not play into their nations interest or the team.

I tried to maximize the Arthedain economy for military purposes and it worked out.

See you on the next one.

This was a most enjoyable game and my 3rd and last 1650 fast-GB of 2020, with victory ceded to us as an early Xmas present on the 24th. If the comments on Discord are anything to go by, this one was enjoyed by all! :slightly_smiling_face: And, unlike the others of 2020 that I was involved in, this one was more evenly matched and hard fought - finishing on turn 18.
I played the Eothraim and South Gondor and would like to give my full appreciation to the tactics employed by the Dog Lord ~ you really kept my Eothraim foot pegged back and delayed my cavalry from gaining the upper-hand. Also, hats off to the Fire King who kept filling the Ithil pass despite our numerous efforts to push on into Mordor. We finally made it, but it did take until turn 14 before Barad Ungol was finally in ashes.
But my final thanks for a great game go to my team mates, who played a blinder! I was so pleased with our team work; it really worked well.

Well done all!