Game formats - vaguely of interest

Here’s some information on our current games. Most 1650 games are Gunboat, most KS games are Grudge (easier to co-ordinate 7 or less players than 12!) FAS has no Grudge games, can’t remember the last time one run either. So Grudge hasn’t gone, it’s moved onto KS games mostly with some 1/4 of 1650 still Grudge games.

            Total   1650    2950    FAS     KS 

Individual 33% 36% 50% 67% 22%
GB 38% 55% 50% 33% 22%
Grudge 23% 9% 0% 0% 56%

This is cool. Thanks for sharing.


Except the first column adds up to 94. What are the other 6% playing?

I love 1650 games.

Never tried others.

Thanks for sharing this info Clint.

Jose Ramón Herrero.

The other 6% players are “the shadow hands” Brad. As you know it is true.

Or, they all jumped into 2535 to drop the docks…I will find you and get that list of names for the next game…

Not sure - guess I missed a game - I’ll look again in a few months! :slight_smile: