GM # 62 1 weeker

Our side that won the DS of game 04 are planning on playing the FP side, I know I made my choices known to Rob / Clint by choosing 2 FP nations?

Noldo checking in I would love to hear from all neutrals??

Brian, I will come for you. And when I do…you will die. That goes for your Allies, Friends, and other Associates. It’s what I do. I hope you don’t convince anyone else to join your doomed cause, because, well, then I’ll have to go an visit them too. They won’t like that.

Ji Indur

Hello guys good to know there is a lot knowing people around, but let do this.
i will run Harad this time.

Rhudaur here,

any other neutrals out here? like Duns, Easterlings and Corsairs?

Sorry Brian, I’ve already killed them all off. Kadida and Gontran got some training in. I’m heading North now…where would you like to meet?

He is not in FA, so be off, skidaddle, bonvoyage.



Taronrailer or Roador or whomever you are. “skidaddle” and then “or else”…??? Seriously??? Dude, if anyone is going to spew such drivel, well, it’s me… What can YOU do? Rhetorical, but feel free to respond for furn…

Ji Ji Ji, you do get around. My compatriots were displeased to see your vandalizing work and now I’m pleased to say retribution is coming, not to you my fair minion, but to those you care most about. We don’t want the Drag boy or Witchypoo to feel like they are the only ones we are targeting to teach the errors of the minion way, now FK shall receive a lesson.

Ji my minion boy, (yes, my minion boy) you cannot do it all and because I like you, I offer you a chance to return home to mama and we will spare your nation the lessons that your allies are receiving in the name of good will. Don’t hesitate, hurry home now, or it will be too late when yoTu actually see your map. :smiley:

Tamer of the minions @ BU, Tarondor

Minioni Boy. Has a nice ring to it. I’ll send one of my minor lackey’s to kill you when I get around to it. You see, happily, this minion is in a minion union. You can espouse your presumed superiority around all day - in the end, you and all the rest of the Elven appointed senior management will get shuffled out, and I shall yet remain. Middle Earth will be better served at the end of the day.

I will note that the Elves have not responded, but communicate through their minions. Middle Earth will be Free indeed, Free of the so-called Free Peoples at least.

Ji, You’re alive!

still. Sorry to here about Erennis. You and him must of been pretty close. Would it help you feel better if I returned the toy? I’ll bring it with a military courier and a few thousand of his closest allies. So how is your map looking nowadays? I mean south of you?

Ya know Ji, between you and I, I know understand how you must feel everytime you get a kill. It must be exhilarating I read the missives of my commanders and they gleam with excitement of so many kills. They don’t do it silently like yourself, afterall they are common men. They do loud, like a stampede of sprinting infantrymen or racing cavalry, they just thunder across the barren lands of Mordor and just overrun so many. It’s totally cool! Even you would get a rush out of that!

Anyway, gotta tend to other missives coming in, I hear we’re about to conquer another capital! Byebye Witchypoo, Drgboy and the new FK home, well, let’s see how long he last there.

Nice to hear from you, let’s keep in touch minion boy.

Lord Tarondor

Alive and well, thanks for caring. Maybe a bit’o whiskey here and there having it’s scientifically proven effect. Stampede you say? Aye - the map is certainly interesting, thanks for reminding me - handy fellow you are, Tarondor.

I’m not a big, blustering type of common man, as you know. I’ll kill the decision makers and supposed ‘leaders’ one by one as I go. You keep cheering the demise of hundreds of peasants here and there. The tide of history will wash this way and that - but what must come to be…will come to be. The People will win in the end, and when I go down, I will do so - silently, and content that I was able to affect a real change in the world - one that was for the betterment of all. The day of the Elves and their bastard minions will end - and all of Middle Earth will celebrate.


ps - Erennis owed me money from every golf game we ever played together. Now that he’s failed miserably, I’ll just take his daughters as compensation. Thanks - much better than lunch and a case of beer…

You have a problem with Elves?

Last I heard, the Elves left with a contingent of the highly skilled type in route to the CL cap. Something about a preemptive strike or …

good luck with that! :eek:


You keep cheering the demise of hundreds of peasants here and there.


You hear that? I think that was the sound of the walls of another capital come crumblin’ down! WoW! Let me say that again, WoW!

Not lookin’ much better in minion land this turn either.

Is it supposed to be this easy? :smiley:

Lord Tarondor, a humble servant of the Free Man

You mean the men of the Phrie nations are humble slaves of the Elven appointed overlords. Tarondor. Full of yourself as usual. Bring it - after the game we’ll shake hands and go for beers together. I’ll tell stories that will make you laugh…and laugh…

Well Ji,

I don’t know where to start. I am looking forward to that hand shake and suds. And all the laughing I’ll be doing, well, don’t mind if I get a head start on that early do ya?

Hate to sound like a broken record and all, but dude, another MT inside Mordor falls and your own towns are falling by the wayside. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Almost. :smiley:

Can someone please give the Duns a MT? He is gonna need one to. Your favorite elf has sent word to Enion that he must pack and vacate or… well you know the routine. You’ve seen so much of it already inside Mordor.

Now it’s one thing to send your guys out across ME is search of respect, but come on now, you gotta bring the big boys when you come visitin’, a wanna be like Helero, pleeeeeze…

This is GONDOR, show a little respect!

Tarondor OUT!

Wonderful work Gondor. Huge Dwarf army inside Mordor, alas, Gondor has already cleared it out, I guess he’ll have to turn around. Gondor has stopped the assault on Harad, the Eothraim are plugging up the Easterlings from advancing beyond the Rhun. We see Noldo, Woodmen and Arthedain in advanced positions as the transition is working from the far reaches to the last remaining front of the war.

Well played and we expect, well Led by the Free.

The DS had a bunch of good guys all happy to play, alas, none of us were able to rise up with the time to oversee the greater mission. Some good play, some good ideas, etc - but the game is done.

Note, our 11/12 player was a solo gunboat player, giving more attitude than anything else, then ran scurrying off when Rhudaur attacked him and we lost both nations - Poof. Scrambling around to recover, alas, the momentum in the key theatres shifted beyond our ability to turn it. Our Dog and Dark ended up over-extended due to their Dragon Lord partner disappearing in the middle of their early moves and that’s the ball game pretty much.

I’ve sent in my notice and expect the rest of the DS to follow suit. I LOVE 2 nations in the 1 week game…I’ll try it again when the kids are out of the house and I actually have time in the evenings to play them…

Brad Quiet Cloud

Brad and members of the DS,

Thanks for a quick and entertaining game. I appreciate the time and effort you guys did put into this game as planning does take time. And I understand the communication among teammates can be difficult at times. Thanks for taking my smack talk in stride. Not often so many good events happen so quickly and I was just runnin’ with it!

I would like to commend the efforts of the DogL and LR for taking the offensive right to us in Rhun and using your cav well! It required much attention and our NM,WM, Eo players, while being challenged, were constantly putting forth a nice counter.

I would also like to recognize the Corsairs for the surprise attack on Harad. We were a turn behind the 8-ball there and kudos go out to him for taking the initiative.

I thought we were very strong in the NW and that appeared from the outset like it was going to be won by us in quick fashion.

And I thought once we held MI with the opening turn that we would be able to launch an offensive. After the Dog and BS armies were well beyond the passes, FA just fell. Not enough numbers for you guys.

Brad, as for your agents, just some bad luck and maybe a combination of some good intel on our part. It’s a fun position and I hope the next time you enjoy more success. But with me on your side so I can partake. :slight_smile:

I look forward to meeting and playing along side you all in future games.