Gm # 65

Game has started Dark Lieutenant’s checking in, would like to reach out to all neutrals of this fine game?

i guess diplos will have be done the old fashioned way

The Corsairs are here and considering the state of Middle Earth!

Hullo Urzahil, from Tom of the Northmen. Turns out I live about 40 miles from you. I go up to Worcester to play disc golf about every other week. Maybe we could just get together and plot mutually going after the Easterlings- that would shake things up!
Oh crap, I said the whisper part out loud there. Anyway, enjoy the game, cheers.
And if my good friends and neighbors the Easterlings ARE listening I would very much like to speak to you. - Barlin

Fire King and Dog Lord checking in. We would love to see Corsair ships sailing up the Anduin to join the dark forces as we roll like a tidal wave over the Pelennor Fields! We welcome all on-the-fence nations to join us in extinguishing the so-called “Free” folk.

-Ren Dwar

Hello! Super-sexy uber-powerful Rhudaur checking in!

If you want to send me a private email, please send it to: akhorahil (at) aol (dot) com

Don’t panic :slight_smile:
After some difficulties with the registration, Easterlings are finally checking in.

todeseisen (at) gmail (dot) com

Hello Easterlings! Glad to see you made it! I had difficulty getting registered as well, but Clint got me in. Thanks Clint!

Likewise I had registration issues. Haradwaith checking in

wilcwm (at) gmail (dot) com

Bill Wilcox

Northmen, I went to school at URI a long time ago and can actually pronounce your user id Quahog. Small world.

Well met, friend Tros. We shall send an embassy. I actually played the Easterlings in my first game, one of the first games of MEPBM ever- the original game #9 back when it was out of Florida. Couldn’t wait to get my turn results… in the mail, delivered by the Postman:cool:. So yes I am well aware of the delicacy of your situation. Please let me know if we can be of any service. - Northmen Tom

I used to write a newsletter for Ancients historical miniatures gamers called ‘The Manipular Quahog.’ Unless you were from SE New England,and a military history geek, the point of the title was a tad esoteric:confused:. -Tom


I thought your user id might be a reference to enjoying Don Bousquet humor books like “The Quahog Walks Among Us”. They were popular when I was living out that way.


I’ve been known as The Quahog in wargaming circles for many years. Sadly, when Family Guy came out, the reference became pretty mundane. -Tom

Hail Corsairs. Haradwaith here. Since we are neighbors in the south I thought I would send a hello. Communications to me can be sent to wilcwm (at) gmail (dot) com

Rhudaur report: Turn 1 is out! I had a decent turn, as far as turn 1’s go. A new Emissary I named had a special ability, a bonus (10) to her Command rank, which is always super useful since she otherwise had no points in command!
Already the Witch King has landed an army on one of my towns, so I’m curious if it was accidental, or if he is planning to attack/threaten it, to try and intimidate me or wipe me out early. Or maybe he has too many troops and too few settlements to support them and he is killing two birds with one stone. Anyone talked to the Witch King?

What is Corsairs current email so we could discuss recruitment process?

No 0 contact from WK

Thanks for sharing. By the way, I will be up in
Worcester today playing at Maple Hill near the airport. .

Quahog Tom,

I am sure you and I have eaten a lot of the same Middle Earth dirt together. Been too long!

The Corsairs can be reached at

Wow. How many lifetimes ago was that? 20 years you say. Yes, we had good times. Good to see you again. Interestingly - you, Harad, the Easterlings, and myself seem to be in the same boat as graybearded grognards who played a lot when the game first came out then got away from it as it grew more mathematical and less role playing. My first choice was Dunland here- it would have been amusing if all of us were playing neutrals. - Northmen Tom