Hi guys

So we’re investigating why gmail is processing our emails slowly atm. So the turns appear to be being delayed (especially if you have 2+ nations in a particular game). To help out for now

make sure that is in your contact list.

Mark any turns that come in from us as important.

That will help somewhat. We’re delving deeper atm.


Actually, my 2 nation game came this week, the 1 nation game took almost an hour the following day. Have “starred” emails from MEGames in my gmail. Hope it helps as patience is not on my list of specialties…


The auto-reply for emails and orders is coming in a timely manner. Weird that the emails are delayed.

Emails have “spammy” features; attachments, similar text in the body etc.


Gmail user here.

So, the problem is with the delivery of your emails, right?

You said to mark your mails as important, I can’t see how this is gonna help with your delivery.

If you’re sure that will help, I have no problem doing this :slight_smile:


Maybe…if they ran turns at the start of the day instead of at the end of the day, they would make it that much sooner… :confused:

Today all 4 games had late players… :wink: So none of them could run. But yes running them earlier would mean you get your turn earlier but that would mean players would have to get their turns in earlier. But as I do this part-time, afternoon UK time is when I can run the turns so that’s when I attempt to.

It won’t stop the gmail issue, but anything that the receiver does that says that it’s not spam will help the filters. It’s a number’s thing.