Gunboat etiquette question

I’m going to pose this as a hypothetical question and keep it very broad as I don’t want to give any specifics away.

Let’s suppose I have an emissary company that’s landed on an enemy pop centre. All well and good… However, an army of the same allegiance as myself has also arrived that very same turn. I have no idea of the strength of that army or the rank of its commander - in fact if the pop centre and icon hadn’t been on my map I wouldn’t have known it was there at all.

So… do I assume my comrade in arms is going to take it by force? Do I retreat with no action? Or do I make no such assumptions, InfOthr as planned and move out?

Opinions appreciated.


I would take it as your emissaries are allowed to influence other. You only know because its on your map. If it wasn’t you would have no idea.

InfOthr and move out.

I’ve captured and then lost pop centres this way in the past. It’s quite irritating but, I agree, you’re entitled to infothr.

Also agree.

A more knotty problem I’ve come up against, when a character shows up at one of your popcenters, can you challenge or assassinate him without knowing who’s he is? I believe MEG has answered YES to this when I emailed them…


Why not? How can you know they are not enemies? You don’t have luxury of time to react next turn.

I think that’s a hard and fast rule. Anyone on your pop centre is fair game.

Yes, Have a go… They are fair game.