Gunboat rulings

Quick reminder you can’t do aggressive actions on friendly characters or PCs as a rule. There’s exceptions, but 690, 615, :stab: 525 :hug:, etc are not allowed normally. Check the rules for the exceptions, and treat these as exceptions. Exceptions is the word of the day here… ::):cool:

I’ve had to spend a couple of days recently checking turnsheets and the like and to say it’s tedious is like saying that pulling teeth is painful. (Well alliteration was never my strong point). :eek::smiley:

Also you can send a diplo with your FIRST turn, some players miss this , but it can be key to getting some communication going.

30 word diplo on turn 1,6,11,16 etc Gunboat rules version 11.

Okey-dokey - oh yeah, Happy New Year and especial thanks to the player who kindly sent us a care package - yum… :slight_smile:


Scandal! I am pretty certain it says somewhere in the rules that it is forbidden to bribe the GMs! :smiley:

P.S. Happy New Year to you, too!

T’was very nice… bribery is always an option… but usually takes 4 games down the line before you see any impact… lol