Gunboat Wordage

I’m pondering upping the limit from 30 words to 50 words in all GB games. Any thoughts on that? About 3/4s of the players use this messaging system.


Sure is tough to get information to your allies when you have 15 words per nation played. Even harder in a 3-nation game.

Seems cool to me.

I wish we had diplo’s in our 4th age Gunboat game. (Which has been super fun by the way…)

The best game I was ever in was a 1650 no diplo gunboat that went 50 turns. I don’t really care on if the number of words gets bumped up or not. I can usually work within the rules. If the diplos are 30 for a two nation gunboat, I would definitely look at bumping to at least 45 for a 3 nation gunboat. It has been a few years since I played gunboat.


I really do not mind. I think like rr_gamer, it’s about to try to stick to the rules :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea, okay 50 words in 2 nation, 70 words in 3 nation GB from now on. GB games (espy KS) have a tendency to last a while so they’re good for building up your nations for the long haul I’ve found. Game 52 just went past turn 30 and there’s death a plenty!

1650 52
Dead nations: 1,2,4,14,17, 18,21