Help with Riddle


I have come across this riddle in one of my games and request help to solve it :blush:

Does anyone have any qualified guess what the answer might be ?

From out of the war of Great Jewels,
came one of a pair of stings.
taken from he so Trollish cruel,
left in honor with tombish things.


I would guess Glamdring or Orcrist. Glamdring is more likely.

I will add this riddle to the wiki. Please let me know which of the two is the right answer.

Yes, I think he’s right. “One of a pair of stings” must refer to the two swords taken in the troll lair by Gandalf and Thorin in The Hobbit. Bilbo came away with Sting. But I was initially confused by the reference to the war over the Silmarils. That was the First Age, and I don’t think those blades were forged that far back. After all, in MEPBM, they are +750 pt. combat artifacts, and the real masterpieces, with damage in the +2250 range, all date from the First Age: Gurthang, Ancaruin, Orcruin, Orcrist, etc.

answer is Orcrist, both swords were made in First Age for Turgon but Orcrist was the sword taken by Thorin and laid on his chest in his tomb after he died.


Thanks, I will try with the answer “Orcrist” and will let you know the results :slight_smile:

Are there a MEPBM WIKI with Riddles ? Where is that ? I have my own “Riddle” document which Im updating each time I get a new one !


Thank you for the answer, David! I will add a credit for you on the page.

Kim - see here:

I always check Bobbins’ site.

Bobbins is no more. Now, check MEPBM Wiki @ ! : )