How hard is reveal popcenter?

Hi everyone,

Just curious about people’s success rates with the Reveal Popcenter spell? Just a reminder, even if you successfully cast the spell, there is a second roll against your mage rank, as I understand it, to see if you actually reveal the popcenter. My question is about that second roll.

Have people had any success revealing popcenters with an M50? M60? What are the chances?



Second roll is vs natural mage rank. 70’s have reasonable success rates, but have failed 3 times in a row with one. Never bother with anything lower.

Mage rank or cast rank?

I would think the mage rank is irrelevant. It’s all about the cast rank, right?
Even a 60-70 mage will only get the spell with 50 or less cast rank. It’s very hard. Slap a +30 mage arty on him and you should have success.

Brad, belated thanks!

Scott, the second roll is against natural mage rank, mage artifacts only help with the initial roll to see if you successfully cast the spell, but not against the second roll to see if the place is actually revealed.

In Kinstrife, there are artefacts that have reveal pop centre as a secondary effect. As far as I can tell, they work 100% of the time even if used by a character with no mage skill. I’ve used them only a couple of times.

If a trinket’s sundry power is to Reveal…it reveals. Otherwise, the net mage rank determines if the spell successfully “reveals” that there, in fact, is a Pop Center in the hex.

The second “roll” is against the natural mage rank to determine if the enchantment is removed. Then the PC is on the map and can be…interacted with…

Same thing as 525. 1) Do I reduce loyalty? 2nd Role - do I convert the PC to join my nation.

These are the only “double roll” orders that I am aware off. Are there more?


Well that’s new for me. Thanks Brad - much appreciated.

Glad I chimed in on this 2 year old post.