Inappropriate Names

I’m sure the rules for this game require that character names should appropriate to Middle Earth. I think it’s about time MEG started to enforce that rule because some of the names people use for their characters very odd and not very funny.

I’ve just come upon a character called “I make the snacks”. Come on guys, that’s really not in the spirit of the game.

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Neither are things like bringthepain.

Neither compares to DieBitch, KickAss and two others I won’t list here that veer into verboten politics.

Yes, in my last, rather unfortunate, game one of the players in the Post Mortem said everyone likes him partly because he makes up really funny names for his characters.

You could apply the same rules to new pop centers, too.

Except there’s no way to enforce it. Who determines what is Tolkien-like and what isn’t? Is “Firmrod” an elf name or a naughty joke?

What about nations like Harad and the Easterlings, who appear in Tolkien only as nameless bad guys?

And ultimately, what about the obvious fact that players like making up all sorts of names? Often they are funny. Sometimes they follow themes, but from something other than Tolkien. In one FAS game I was in a player called his nations the Knights of Ni and named his characters things like Tim the Enchanter and Sir Brian. I’ll bet you can guess what he called his pop centers.

I’m prepared to concede that names from the Knights of Ni might be funny.

Policing names is difficult but there should be some way of preventing people using names like I make the snacks.

There are also super-hero names that crop up.

I think it is stretching it to ask that everyone have the capability to come up with Tolkiien-like names for their characters. In some of my nations I try to do that, but it’s hard to keep it up, for both characters and new camps.

Sometimes I adopt a set of names from a nation, e.g. French or Japanese, just to have some consistency. But there’s a kind of monotony that sets in for me, and especially so if in all my games I just do Tolkien-like names.


I’m sure they require no such thing.
I agree that some ridiculous names should prolly be replaced by random names.
OTOH - If someone decides to have a theme of Chinese myths and legends, this should not be restricted.
Player effort should be more valuable than random names. I do have a rather dim view on recycled humour themes tho.

I am ok with names that have a theme. So long as they are sensible. It’s names that are effectively taunting those that they kill that are wrong in many ways.

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I recently started a game. I didn’t supply any character names in my setup sheets, because I thought the auto-naming would be better than mine!

I got:

  • Lockdown Low
  • Slightly Weird
  • Sobriety Sucks
  • Creepy
  • ZeroTolerance
  • SoNotFunny
  • OnceAgainInto
  • TheFray

Among others…


What the actual fuck?
On the other hand, if you can’t bother to name your starting characters, you shouldn’t play.

So if I name my Dwarves Sleazy, Scabby, Mangy, Druggy, Boozy, Snotty, and Doc would I get in trouble?

Snotty might offend the style police but you won’t actually get into any trouble.

I’m shocked by Koxvelder’s post. Clint, surely the programme doesn’t allocate names like Lockdown Low or Zero Tolerance?

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Well yes, if it’s offensive then a player can comment. One man’s poison and all that jazz. It’s amazing what triggers though… it’s an intersting element of being a GM

I’m stunned Clint. If we’ve reached the point where the programme allocates such inappropriate names maybe it’s time you changed the rule book so that it doesn’t ask for ME appropriate names.

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Hi All.

Not been on since the old forum. Stupid passwords.

I try and name my Pop Centres with regional specific Tolkienesque names Tol, Amon etc. For characters I use Babylon 5 names.

Still waiting for my 1650 Game to fill up and then to take the Joverseer dip.

Cheers Adrian.

Hi Adrian

Nice to see you here!

To be clear I wasn’t upset - a bit surprised! :slight_smile:

I was expecting 17 variations on Grishnakh

I actually like the funny names and take as a challenge to come up w a funny but not offensive PC or Char name