Insane FA riddle

“Redhorn” is not the correct answer either, both answers answer only part of the riddle. The language in the riddle indicates that this is a very evil site, likely inside Mordor ? What about “Barad-dûr” ?

  • Ithil Pass,
  • Black Gate, or another gate?
  • Nasty history

Minas Morgul?

Caradhras was also the logical answer for me. Maybe try its dwarvish name, Barazinbar ?

Does the riddle say whether it expects only one or two words as an answer ? If two, maybe Redhorn Pass or Redhorn Gate would work ?

Other than that I can only think of one other “pass of dire reputation” : Cirith Ungol. The only dreaded spire around is Minas Morgul. But I don’t know how it matches with “glowing with blood”…

Mordor sky is glowing with blood.