Insane FA riddle

“Redhorn” is not the correct answer either, both answers answer only part of the riddle. The language in the riddle indicates that this is a very evil site, likely inside Mordor ? What about “Barad-dûr” ?

  • Ithil Pass,
  • Black Gate, or another gate?
  • Nasty history

Minas Morgul?

Caradhras was also the logical answer for me. Maybe try its dwarvish name, Barazinbar ?

Does the riddle say whether it expects only one or two words as an answer ? If two, maybe Redhorn Pass or Redhorn Gate would work ?

Other than that I can only think of one other “pass of dire reputation” : Cirith Ungol. The only dreaded spire around is Minas Morgul. But I don’t know how it matches with “glowing with blood”…

Mordor sky is glowing with blood.

I just tried “Ormal” and it doesn’t work, either.

Could the answer be “Iron Mountians”

Per Timeline - Tolkien Gateway

3400 - Melkor secretly returns to Arda, raises the Iron Mountains and delves Utumno, and partly blights the Spring of Arda.
3450 - Melkor overthrows the Two Lamps, forming the Seas of Helcar and Ringil. Almaren is destroyed. In order to preserve life on the earth, Yavanna sets most living things into a long sleep. End of the Spring of Arda.

That’s an idea. I wonder if we have been on the wrong track, looking for some light that was extinguished, but it could have been a Dark Stronghold or mountains that were rendered stark by the flood?


Did you get anywhere with Iron mountains? if not I would suggest Blue mountains based on:
this is for:
Before the extinguishing of the light
before the coming of the Darkest Dark
it arose as mighty sight
til the flood did render it start.

You can add Valmar to the list of wrong answers.


I have given up completely on this riddle, even though it was a nice artifact :slight_smile:
I dont know which person has created this crazy riddle, but with so many wrong answers im wondering if there are any right answer at all :-o

Here are the answers I tried and failed with:

Two Lamps
Blue Mountains

I would have tried Tharbad unless you already have.

Before the extinguishing of the light
before the coming of the Darkest Dark
it arose as mighty sight
til the flood did render it start

Have you tried “Himring”? I didnt see it amongst all the responses which have been tried, but could be wrong. (There were a lot of them.) After the flood it alone stood above the waves, thus perhaps “rendering it stark”

Nice call, Quahog. I bet that’s it. I kept thinking of the Silmarillion, but couldn’t think of the mountains that form a ring around Morgoth’s northern stronghold. Himring was close to that area.

Don’t know if it is correct or not, but if so full credit to son Patrick who took it as a challenge when I ran it by him awhile ago. He don’t give up easy.
Here is the source he sent.- Himring - Tolkien Gateway