Istar Luin

Anybody ever fight the Blue Wizard before? Got a rough Idea of his chal rank?

I think, when first recruited, he has a challenge rank of 103.


I’m not talking about that new-fangled, plastic banana, good-time-rock-and-roller, sniffin’ cocaine, wash-your-junk-in-the-sink Kin Strife nonsense you kids are always talking about with your FaceTube, YouBook, Twitterpatin’ what’s itz.

I’m playing a real game. A MAN’S game. FA1000, that is.

I don’t wanna recruit the guy. I wanna kill him and take his stuff. I mean, he’s a BLUE Wizard, fer Pete’s Sake. You can’t trust a guy like that. Besides, he’d clash with my new drapes.

You have drapes Rich? I always figured you for blinds.

Not a clue what his challenge rank is in FA. Call him out and let us know how you get on.

Only if they’re…EEEEVIL BLINDS!!!

Gandalf’s base chal rank (not counting his +50 mage ring) seems to be about 115. Given that the blue wizards were the weakest of the 5 Istari, I’d guess it’s a bit lower than that.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Remember that while they are still unrecruited, their challenge rank is bumped up another 50 points. At least in KS.

I have Cirdan at one of my Pop Centres, No idea why he is there as its nowhere near where is supposed to be, Keeps dropping the loyalty too,