John Welty passed away yesterday

John Welty passed away yesterday. See the following website with his obituary:

I know John as an honorable player, most recently as a worthy adversary in a FA grudge game that now will never end. And as a fun man to banter with. I wish I’d know him even better than that.


Jeremy Richman

Very sorry to hear this. I was fortunate to get to know John pretty well during the Vegas FTF and greatly enjoyed his company. He came a bit earlier than anyone else did and we were able to sit down and talk life and gaming while his wife got settled. I knew he had some health issues but, of all of us that were at the FTF, he would have been one of the last I would think to be in danger of passing. He was always kind and generous and helped me a great deal during one of my health issues. Adding to that he was a heck of a player but very quiet and reserved. Rest in peace, John- you will be missed.

I don’t think I was ever on a team with John but still a very sad day.