jOverseer - Artifact list and Research Artifact


Having joined the KS scenario for the first time, I find it annoying having to maintain a separate excel sheet with artifacts numbers and secondary powers and constantly synchronizing with the artifact sheet in jOverseer, for new artifacts picked up or lost.
Also its annoying that I have to go through all turns to collect the data from “Research artifacts”, this should easily be collected by jOverseer just like all the other data being imported.

I dont understand why this is needed when jOverseer has its own artifact list which is updated from turn import. The only problem is that the fields for artifact number and secondary powers are locked ??? Why is that ?

So I have a request for the next update to jOverseer:

  • Open op fields for artifact number and secondary power, so that they can be edited each game
  • Create a new functionality that import the data for “Reseacch Artifact”, so you can see it it one tab or just import it directly into the artifact list, so its also updated with secondary powers !

Kim A