JOverseer File Management in Google Drive?

New here, reading and learning and a question came up after watching some of the JOverseer videos. I try not to save files on a machine’s hard drive, and prefer to manage them with Google Docs.

A question from a newbie getting established, does anyone know if there are any issues in saving turn files and the like to a cloud vice local document/folder library? Does anyone use Google Docs, OneDrive or other such cloud-based site to support their games. Lastly, any tips/tricks in general for file management and the like?


If you can make Google Drive behave like a local folder, then it should work just fine. I have it setup this way with another cloud file service for my game files.

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I use Onedrive and have not had any issues.

I Use onedrive and it works great.

I don’t really understand the reasoning for not wanting to save mepbm files locally. Is it a public computer?
You won’t get virii in the pdf and xml files from mepbm. You can also manually scan those files for for further assurance. They’re rather tiny in size so it won’t take more than a second. Aand they hardly take any space on the hdd.
I’d say using a clouddrive is far more risky.

I have the use of more than one computer. I save files in Onedrive so that I can access them from whichever computer I’m sitting in front of.

D’oh ofcourse