JOverseer graphics problem

Brand new computer
Windows 10 Pro (ver = 10.0.19041.508)
Latest Java installed
JOverseer 1.16.17 installed

When I move the mouse around, It’s redrawing sections of the screen in the wrong place. See this image for details

[Image removed by moderator as it showed team positioning on map. 12 October 2020]


It worked find on my old machine, but as I’m migrating over, I ran into this problem. It’s basically unusable.


Could be many things, not very familiar with Java. You could try:

Running with the compatibility troubleshooter:

Alternatively if you have a dedicated graphics card you see if you can run it in a more basic mode.

if you let me know the make and model of the pc I could see if there is anything of MS support or similar forums.

I take it all the other software runs fine? and have you tried with a different screen resolution?