Kin-strife GB variant

Greetings all,

Consider this a call to arms. It’s taken me almost exactly a year after returning to MEPBM to find out what kind of game/scenario/variant I really want to play. I have been in KS GB, KS team play with neutrals, a KS grudge match, and even a KS 1vs1 which is proving to be a lot of fun.

As you know, normal KS GB games don’t have neutrals, leaving out two cool nations, the Khazad and Tirkhor. The kind of game I want to play must definitely include these neutrals.

Everything else that follows is all up for debate and compromise. But I think it would be cool if:

  1. Every player is assigned their nation randomly, by Clint.
  2. Once you get your nation and begin the nation set-up process, no communication is allowed.
  3. All current GB rules for use of diplos would apply, each nation gets one extra diplo to neutral nations.
  4. Players play ONE NATION max. This will make some nations much more challenging to play, like the Witch-realm of Angmar and Line of Eldacar, but consider it an extra challenge.

The advantages of such a variant is that it creates a little world where players must issue orders to get information/intel (and nation messages and rumors). In a team game, information is passed around quickly and freely. However, GB games have a “fog of war” element that some players find attractive. I think it’s because the game feels a little more realistic. In Game of Thrones, there are the ravens carrying messages. But otherwise, how would nation x know 209 gold was stolen from a Hithlum camp leagues and leagues away? I know we have to suspend disbelief to play a fantasy game. But throwing a bone to realism by restricting the sharing of information can be satisfying. Also, it makes intel gathering another resource to be used wisely or foolishly. In other words, it should be an important aspect of strategy gaming.

As a teaser, consider what you would do if you signed up for this game and your random nation designation was Khazad. How much more interesting to play them under these conditions than in a team/grudge match when the Khazad are expected by their team to give up the Dwarven Rings of Power, do this/do that… all for the good of the team. Blah! Give the dwarves some character and let them BE dwarven! Their own little nation, not aligned, watching the struggle, gathering information, deciding as they go along what actions to take. All the same applies to Tirkhor. Surrounded by potential enemies, but who cares! It’s not like they can gang up on you.

I think you get the point. I have several players interested and willing to give this a shot. Once we get 14 players total, we’ll send the info to Clint and get started. Summer is as good a time as any…

Contact me via message here or on Discord. Cheers!