Kin-strife grudge match

Hey y’all!

Shooting for the moon here, but I really want to play EITHER of the following and I’m looking for 1 more teammate and an opposing team if the currently filling g682 doesn’t fit this bill.

A. Eldacar/Rebels/Tirkhor

B. Morlaen/Witch Realm/Khazad

Because I want to play three nations, I don’t think it fits with the Game 682 rules. That one specifies a 2 nation max per player.

So maybe we’ll have to go the custom grudge match route? Or, ideally, we form up quickly for g682 and allow players to play a maximum of 3 nations.


Would you be willing to go solo? I will let you choose which side you want.

David House

Interesting proposition! I know people have played 1 vs. 1 before, but I’ve never done it. Give me the night to think about it. I’m in 5 games right now, playing 7 positions, so adding 7 more might be a bit much. By the way, Raven & Co just contacted me about making a grudge match work. They need opposition, and I need a partner or two.

Are you set on a 1 vs. 1? Or would you be willing to join my buddy David and I (he’s relatively new to KS and I don’t know it all, for sure).

Yea, I’m game! Sounds like it could be uniquely fun. Let me know when you want to write Clint to set it up. I’m still mulling over what allegiance I want, since you deferred the choice to me.

Heavy weight 1vs1? Suraklin and Movan, would you two be willing to keep a journal playing the game and give us stories after its over? Maybe include some tutorial notes for people who are thinking of getting intö KS.

Let me know which side you want and we can get to work on our setups. I am having shoulder surgery on the 3rd so why don’t we say 2 weeks for initial setups would have us starting on the 20th/21st.

I am fine with running a journal. My shoulder recovery will be about 6 months so I’ll have plenty of time. I still owe Clint a summary on the CME game I played with Jason Bock.

I am no heavy weight! Look at my profile pic–taken, by the way, while I was deep in thought and against my will–I’m hardly a BOXER, much left a hefty one! But yes, I will record the tidings of this coming war.

David–I’ll send Clint an email about what you suggested above for a starting time.

I choose the Usurpers.


In that case I will have my setup ready by this weekend. I just started a grudge game as the Loyalists with a team vs. a team led by Jason Viafides so I will just need to tweak the setups a bit. I am fine with starting anytime after March 5th.

Let me know when Clint assigns us a game number.

P.S.- What is your name?

I’m really looking forward to Your reports way back when they happen. Great luck for both, hope the game will be epic!