KS Game 679, recently completed

Quindi had told us through nation messages the location if the new WiA capital, but I had more than my hand full defending against the waves of armies coming from Elendil and Castamir…

The new WiA capital was however on the top of my priority list once I would get a breather :grin:


We were already “working” on the new WRA capital with cursers and agents as you will know. But WRT taking it with emmies: sometimes it is better to let the enemy keep his capital, so you know where it is and where you can pick off the newly hired chars and empty the treasury :wink:

I never had any gold so couldn’t hire new characters anyway :slight_smile:

Besides apart from the one commander you killed there at the end my capitals had been clear of characters from pretty much turn 8.

I made so many mistakes in this game being my first back after 13 years or so. Even when I was playing I never played a front line nation. Learned a lot that I hope to use next time as the WKA in gunboat.

On turn 16 our agent squad visited already, but failed on an assassination attempt, and, true, stole no gold because of empty treasury :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to edit my first post in this thread, but can’t. Found no way to change that in my profile. Bug or feature?

My guess is that you’re trying to do that edit before you’ve logged in/signed in. Once you do, I think that will do the trick.


We are either teaming up or against each other again in G689. Looking forward to it.