KS Game 687

I’m part of the Free team for KS Game 687. I understand the DS wanted a while to discuss set ups but I had hoped to have started by now.

Does anyone on the DS team know when they are likely to have their set ups in to Clint?

Hello! Usurper setups were submitted on Monday. I am told we will all receive Turn 0 the week of April 6th.

I should add that Turn 1 will be due the week of May 1st and then it will shift to a two-week schedule after that.


Win or lose, I can’t wait to get started. It might stop me from going insane during this virus lockdown.

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Four on our team are first-time Kin-strife players. I am looking forward to them getting their first experience. The other three have only played a few games.

That’s my bad! Days of intense negotiations with Raven led to concessions on my part at every turn. Finally, we settled on the agreement that Raven specifies above. Set ups should be appearing any day now. Then, for four weeks, we’ll have a calm before the Sturm und Drang of Turn 1. I should have let my teammates (Dan and David) know all the set ups were in and that we should expect Turn 0 before long. Super excited to start this one. I get to play three nations I’ve been hankering after: Eldacar, Rebels, and Tirkhor.

Turn 0 has been sent out. Best of luck to all players!

Well, I’ve seen my Turn 0 reports and can’t say I’ve had the best of luck exactly. But I have a feeling this game is gonna be a fun one!

Absolutely, it will be fun. We’re bringing more people into the Kin-strife module.

The Honorable Loyalist have embraced the undertaking of eliminating the Broken Usurpers.

Yes, I said “broken”. They have lost their way. They wish to claim the throne by their mere presence but we honorable ones will have none of it.

Now it’s one thing to claim the throne and stay in your little castle, it’s another to “TRY” and infringe your will upon honorable folk. And that is where I must draw the line my friends. Being that these broken folk were my friends from earlier conquests, I use that word loosely here as it is quite obvious to the commoner that they have lost their way and have become the adversary of the Honorable Loyalists.

Good news! I’m here to show them the way!! :smiley:

First, two weeks ago Gothmog comes into my homeland, totally forgetting his manners to call before visiting. In the name of safety, I figure I should send him a welcoming party at Kelidos, but he chose to sack the place and quickly move out before I could welcome him. While the villagers are happy to see help and life return to normalcy, Gothmog is obviously running around lost.

As a preventative measure, Argeleb believed Gothmog may be losing his sense of direction and orders were issued for patrols to try and stop him and guide him back to where he belongs. Fortunately for Gothmog, our patrols found him in the northern plains outside of Arnors cap and who would have ever thought that it’s not just Gothmog losing his way, but Captain Ulrilca is also lost. So sad. Fortunately, I have Brigadier Reid, a distant cousi, born in Angmar who saw the light and came a running to Arnor so that he could learn of ways to help guide the broken to the honorable Loyalist ways.

Argeleb is concerned for Brigadier Reid, as those large numbers of misguided souls came from 3 power bases. So further measures will be taken to help guide those lost souls and preparations are being made in the event Loyalist goodwill is not taken in such a way. Argeleb has let the nations commanders know we may have to be more forceful in our approach and if necessary, to take them out. (whatever that means). :astonished:

Meanwhile, as Argeleb is dealing with the misguided Angmar boys, the tiny tiny tiny tiny little nation of Khazad also lacks couth as both Fimli and Thulin have paid visits to Guldor and Kemen Girith without even a simple hellooooo. Argeleb fears for the loyal inhabitants of those communities and has issued a nation wide bulletin with just two words. DESTROY Khazad!

Apparently, Angmar may have a weak argument for dawdling about but Khazad has reached outside his limits and therefore will suffer great pain. Arnor has just the leader to send Khazad that message. :wink:

With so many broken usurpers it is no wonder the honorable Loyalist need to move into Angmar and purify the dwellings and cleanse the minds of the broken. And that tasks begins at Fennis Druini. Word around Arnor is that the nobel allies in Rhovanian have already been purifying and cleansing Goblin town and moving further west.

A Loyalist job is not as easy. But with honorable leaders like Brigadier Reid attempting to talk sense into broken ancestors and more noble Arnor leaders ready to share their skill sets in the purifying, it is nice knowing that active cleansing is ongoing in Angmar as the leaders in the homeland attempt to guide the broken.

Argeleb, Lord of the North and Papa to the broken

Is there any Usurper with a compass? Gothmog needs one.
Don’t even try to enter KoA pop centers. You will be spanked and sent home.

So how bout those Stumpies, trying to get sneaky and all. Your jig is up. I will be there shortly to claim those MT’s you created.

And what about Elendin. My ohhh my, that’s a nice MT/keep, the Gates of Morannon. We will put it to good use. :astonished:
We value quality workmanship, hence no reason to attack it. A simple firm word from a strong leader like Vidustrain is all it took.

Still waiting to see if there is a SK leader out there.

Castamir has gone kamakazee in Tirk country. Elendin running low on numbers. So many choices. enee, meaneee, minee, moooo,… only SK can help.

One of you is preparing thoughtfully. very thoughtfully. No need for you others to be angry with the one thoughtful soul on your team. Follow his lead.

Tell ya what, send me an invite to your war dungeon and i’ll write a good plan for ya all.
I promise to keep each of your best interest in mind. :innocent:

Now let us part ways with a shared feeling of upbeat energy and motivation. Reread line 2.

Argy, Papa to the Broken Usurper

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We of the Southron Kingdoms are too busy with the 740 order to pay much attention to your wars.


In all fairness, the Khazad mistook the men or Arnor to be Elven women. We were just looking for a good time on a Saturday night.

Too busy with the 740 order, hah!

Gotta say I did not expect to see SK cav from the deep south sitting in central Arnor. But I gather this is not your first rodeo w/SK. A true politician you are.

I can take it. Actually I don’t have much choice, do I. :rage: :rage: :rage:

Let’s see, Greg, Larry, Raven and the curse team tag teaming KoA.
definitely challenging.
First thing I’m gonna do is :facepunch: :man_bald: and then …

Argy :pray: 4 :muscle:

I like KS. It has a lot going for it but there is something seriously wrong with a ME module that allows a team to have a curse squad in place on turn 3.

I dislike Curses. Sickness is fine but being able kill from a hex away keeps them relatively safe. Very little you can do about it them if used well.

One thing you could do in KS is make the DS spirit mastery artifact similar to Tinculin as location known not owned.

If you want Curse free games that can be arranged. But turn 3 I’ve seen 20 odd games where this has happened. A few DS in 1650 got lucky and on turn 1 where killing (albeit not curses) so it’s part of the game. WIthout character kills the game stratifies into a War game. Biggest army wins sort of game. Some variants of that are in play though… (I like my armies!)

I would be happy with sickness put them at risk. Especially in GB games where you have limited information and orders to track them. Losing 2 to 3 characters from curses a turn in GB is unsustainable.

Assassin’s are fine too.

I don’t have a problem with curses. In fact, I like curse squads. I just think the game should be structured in a way that doesn’t allow a curse squad to be in place by turn 3.

I think the opposition would agree with you too had we killed Gothmog or Murazor via Curses on Turn 4.