Las Vegas Event Update (6 March 2019)

115 days until the Las Vegas event! Play in a face to face MEPBM game over a weekend with your team in the same room.

More info about the event is available here:

The Good News:

13 of you have pre-registered. We have enough people to guarantee the event will take place in some form.

The Bad News:

We are only 2/3rd to the number we need for the venue deal to work out. As it stands, we would need to change the plans to accommodate the 13 people who are pre-registered. We need more people for the current plan to move forward.

At least five people who have not yet pre-registered have emailed me over the past few weeks that they are planning to attend. However, we have not had a pre-registration since 22 February 2019.

If you are planning to attend Las Vegas, please pre-register so that we can get an accurate count and hit our venue required number.

How to Pre-Register:

  1. Visit the Add Credit page on the Middle Earth Games Ltd website:

  1. Add $250 USD Credit (or £200 GBP for UK and European players). In the field that says “Player Name and 6-digit ME Account Number”, please also add “Las Vegas Pre-Registration”. Example: "Raven Zachary 111111 Las Vegas Pre-Registration”. This will make sure that your payment is allocated properly to the event.

While event fees are non-refundable, your registration is transferrable to another player should life get in the way of attending. If you have special circumstances, please email

Thank you!