Las Vegas FtF

Good luck to all the participants in the Las Vegas game.

I’m sure many of us here that couldn’t make it would like to hear about the action.

Hopefully someone has the time and will to do a write-up of the game. It would be fun to experience ti even from the distant sidelines.

Again good luck and enjoy. I hope I can make the next one if it happens.


Day One: Group Photo

We got 3 turns in on the pregame night. Both teams were able to get orders done in just under an hour.

Sorry about Tarondor! But, I guess worms need to eat, too!

Sorry I could not make it. Medical and summer responsibilities. Told to some. Actually met Mat. My lady has told me I would have ruined the group photo.

Summer white linen.

Left to right, clockwise:

Ben Shushan, Michael Blomquist, Jason Vafiades, Dan Cosby, Raven Zachary, Clint Oldridge, David House

The Dark Servants Team Suite

Couch: John Abbott, Scott Wilson
Chair by Couch: Ben Shushan
By the Door: Jason Vafiades
Table, left to right, clockwise: Matt Ashley, Michael Blomquist, Dan Newman, Rich Thomas
(The 9th DS player is Raven Zachary taking the photo)

Dual Nation Players: Jason Vafiades, Matt Ashley, Rich Thomas

The Dark Servants Planning Table (it was a TV, but we covered it with a flag)

Dark Servants Camping List and Turn Files Submitted Lists

The Free Peoples sent us a message on a large sticky sheet after they challenged and killed The Dude at Long Rider’s capital. I tore the corner of the page as we had already killed Tarandor on Turn 2 with a Spirit Mastery group. “Tear on Door”.

Friday night in Mordor.

Outside the FP suite…

Skyline seen outside the window

The infinitely long hallway

Sunday night afterparty

Clint presenting about JOverseer to the attendees.

Photo by Michael Blomquist

Another photo of the DS Team Suite and DS Team Players.

Couch: John Abbott, Scott Wilson
Chair: Ben Shushan
Wall, Left to Right: Dan Newman, Raven Zachary, Matt Ashley, Rich Thomas, Jason Vafiades
Behind the Camera (unseen): Michael Blomquist

Photo by Michael Blomquist

THX for those Pictures, Looks like you guys had loads of fun! I bet Clint also had a good time since he seemingly reduced the age and weight average by a good margin :)))

There’s a shortish queue for the FAS, Game 48. I’m hoping to join the best players for this upcoming war, so this is a perfect thread to post in. I would hate to win only because a noob didn’t how to force march an army. I’ve lost more in MEPBM than I’ve won, but I always have a good time doing so!