Last Call for Barcelona! Cheaper tickets still available!

Last Call for Barcelona! Are you coming? Clint needs to know, be it a maybe?, or something more firm, like “yes”!

Let me try and tempt you further…

A weekend away in a beautiful city with friendly hosts!

(Clearly under some kind of, “illusion spell”,however, they believe,wait for it…they can “play” this game of ours!
Whatever next? Who knows? They may make a “game” of it!, that’s true. However, the only thing guaranteed, whatever the result, who cares, a fantastic time will be had by all.

A genuine thrill ride, in every sense of the word. No more two week waits. Intensive! Pressure cooker environment, with a gamut of emotions being constantly experienced every hour. Relentless.

If you think you can handle, “pressure”. Come and have a go. This really does sort the wheat from the chaff!
Yet some, just keep on coming back for more…

In order for this to happen we still need more players. Clint needs to make a decision whether to proceed or pull the plug.

As an additional incentive I am offering SIX lucky people a further reduction of the advertised rate of £260 for a shared room reducing it closer to the £200 mark ** It was value for money before, now its a steal.
(For details, see previous post, but essentially the first six individuals to book, since that original post will be offered the discount.)
Clint is watching.(Dwarves do count as one, (sorry, after much consultation, we had to draw the line, somewhere, they were it!!!)

If you are free, you should come. Everyone who has attended in the past, knows what I mean.
You will not regret it.
I am desperate for this to proceed, hence the above offer. I don’t want to have to play a 1 v 12. But I will. 12 turns 5 minute/turn. One hour turnaround. Ten hours a day. Twenty turns we will know!

Much better if I had some help. Can’t believe none of the old guard are up for this. They come round so rare these days.
Check your diaries, £200 for a weekend away! Nonsense!
Rude not to!!

You just got to find food and water. (Pretend you are a dog. Howl. People don’t like howling dogs! They give them things. Dogs stop howling. Works a treat! Every time. Almost airtight.)

A Spanish phrase book, may prove useful. Barcelona scarf at your own risk. Mushrooms are a strict, No No.

More details, re offer get in touch with the management. May have a beard, maybe going grey, but does have a hat. He knows about these things.


(a: an unorthodox individual with an unquenchable thirst, and growing insight into the mechanics of this simplistic turn based game.)

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Come on guys…

Let’s make this happen :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You need to beat that drum, louder Jordi! Maybe borrow, Manolo el del Bombo’s!!

So close…just a couple more…

The time has come. Are you able to step up to the challenge?

The shrill incantation of Boromir’s horn, is echoing off into oblivion, ever growing weaker.

We need you.

Middle Earth needs you. Now!

We got another one a few days ago…

So does that might mean only one to go?? :slight_smile:

Come on!!

I “believe” that may be the case. However I am uncertain.

I have written to the “Master”( the one with many hats, but pointy one required.) to enquire,

Perhaps we will be enlightened shortly, but close so close has to be interpreted as one? surely?

Is there any more info about this?

3 weeks to go… :confounded: