Latest JO Update 1.16.7

After updating to the latest JO Update, 1.16.7, I no longer have the dropdown option in the Orders tab, “No& Code” column.
Running Windows 10 with Java 8 Update 181 (build 1.8.0_181-b13).
It was working fine until I ran the update to JO.

I uninstalled and installed JO 1.16.6 from the ME Games Website and had the same problem.

I went to the vault and then to the old JO Wiki site, , and found the 1.16.3 version and it does work. I am not sure what other issues it might have that the new versions were supposed to fix, but at least I have the drop down in my orders section now.


We’re sorting that out. You can edit orders on the top RHS though and then it will show the drop down menu.


Thanks for the update Clint. The top RHS (Right Hand Screen) does have the drop-down windows, so that helps!

Nearly there, we’ve had to untangle a lot of code… :wink: