ME 1650 normal game 76

Hi everyone

So game 1650, 76 is filling up nicely, and it’s got a LOT of new and returning players in it. So I’m looking for mentors (1 DS and 1 or 2 FP mentors).

It’s working well in the other games we’ve set-up like this, with players getting extra tuition and, mostly, helpful advice from more experienced players but it does take a bit more of your time.

So the offer for you, play one nation get one free. (It might even be in another game IF I get too many “mentors” for this game, so 2 FP mentors would probably be too many if they both run 2 nations, so playing 1 now and a free nation would be more viable my end).

Get back to me with your choices of nations if that’s of interest to you at all.