Me fas 45

We’re running a variant version of Fourth Age atm

Racial Modifiers
Elves - Hide upto 4 levels of pcs (eg 2 camps and a village, or a MT. maximum 2 PCs). Gain a 20 Mage item. Gain 600 archers in your start army.
Dwarves - Upgrade Fortifications by one level of 3 named pcs, then all pcs gain a Tower where they have no fortifications… Gain a 20 Command item. Gain 300 HI in your start army.
Humans - Improve loyalty of 4 pcs by 20 points each. Gain a 10 Emissary item. Gain 200 LC in your start army.
Non-Humans - Hide one village/camp. Upgrade Fortifications of one pc by one level, 2 PCs gain 20 loyalty. Gain a 10 Agent item. Gain 100 HC in your start army.

We will be modifying some items from each racial alignment to make sure we have enough items.

So I think it will be a fun variant to try out and you’ll be able to do some different builds and direction to your nation.

Looking forward to the game start! :slight_smile:

Yeah need a few more players - I thought FAS players would love this variant!

I do. :slight_smile:


If I weren’t already playing 5 nations in 3 different games, I’d sign up.

Maybe next time around.

5 is such an odd number…surely a nice rounded 6 feels much better! :wink:

I am in the same boat as Rich, spread too thin. If only the ds would concede game 41… ;]

Bob N

Can’t conceed when we have already won the war

Keep the optimism though I love reading our turns

Jz Hasharii of the victorious DS