ME New Website!

We Have a New Website!

Our old website was beginning to show its age, having been designed well over a decade ago. And so we’re pleased to announce that our brand new site is now open for business.

So what’s new?

Well, firstly the new site is designed to work on mobiles as well as PCs. We’ve removed a lot of outdated material, added quick links for experienced players at the top of the site, and simplified the payment pages. But perhaps most importantly, you can now browse through all the new games due to start, and sign up to play directly on the website.

Not only that, but over the coming months we’ll be continuing to work on the site, adding new articles and content.

So please do take a look!

Check it out Here.



Really nice. Would you be interested in feedback and suggestions for improvement? Here or in private?

Private is quicker, but here is fine so that it can prod some more feedback

Hello there,

Some time ago I printed the Middle-earth Guide version 1.18. Now checking around the new web page I’ve seen that the actual version is 1.21. Is there any place where we can check the changes made from one version to another?


Nope sorry, we don’t keep a checklog for that.


Would be possible to create a changelog? Would be great to keep a track of what has been changed and for those who like to have it in paper (like me) just print the updated sections.

Whatever the case it is fantastic to have an updated version of the rulebook.


Um, I’ll ask John if he can