ME83 ends!

I want to know who played the Witch King. I hate to love the way you played!!

George Cardolan

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Gervasio Rossini was the WK.

Thanks David!

I was the witch king.
Congratz on the victory

Gervasio Rossini

I think we did pretty well, considering we played 11vs12 from the start.

  • Mikko (Ice)

What happened? Lost a player right off?

WK…I think I sent 20K troops your way!

Good game. We tried our best but you guys were very well coordinated it. Congrats.

Blind Sorcerer

Gervasio played WiK.

Yeah we lost QA to player error/uncaring on T3.

We DS won every major battle and outthought you at them. Yet we lose. I hate this game at these times.
I grudgingly congratulate you on the win. You DID deserve it nevermind how sour it tastes for me.

  • Mikko (ICE)

I want to thank Gus, David, Cristiano, and the Rossini brothers Gervasio and Bruno for great game and wonderful planning.

I’m curious - I wasn’t in the game, but I love the WK position. What style did you play?

I’ve played WK twice. Once was my very first game, taking over a devastated position on the basis that a newb’s incompetence wouldn’t cause too much damage: it was a wonder to me how its powerful characters could resurrect the position.

The last game I played, I attempted an all-out attack into Arthedain, tax 100, pairs of armies for fight/threat combos, Angulion with the army to improve pop on the same turn as I threatened things. Arthedain was decimated. Glorious - but ultimately petered out as several hobbit encounters decimated my armies. Though I never lost Angmar.

I have a very offensive enemy´s since turn 1, wich make me bleed PCs until the end of the game.
I chose to separate my cavalry and attack arthedain backdoor wich shows ineffective strategy on the long run.
i only hold my position in angmar because my teammates support me from the beginning with curse squad and agents, also dragons was a big part of my strategy (smaug is a beast).
Was my first playthrough as WiK, besides our Rhudaur give up play on turn 3, i think we all did good on this game and i learn alot.
Our game end on turn 27, most of our team was tired of fight 8x12 and give up, WiK lost capital on turn 22 but i still hold 2004 in angmar and recruiting. Ill play WiK again, i have alot o fun play it and hope to have a better Rhudaur on my side.


Gervasio Rossini
ps.: thank you for ask.

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This was my first game as a returning player - having not played for 6 years - but my very first game was way back in '94. I played the Harad and at the end, the Noldo and Eothraim too.
Our team was a real mix - experienced players like myself and quite a few fresh newbies, plus our fair share of players who were not very communicative and therefore errors or bad judgement calls occured.
But, with some leadership, we stuck in there and supported one another.
Fernando, playing SG did a grand job and came south to support me as I had my hands full for most of the game with the Corsairs, Cloud Lord, Long Rider and Blind Sorcerer. It was touch and go, especially when the Corsairs sat on my capital for a few turns with a dragon…, but by hook or crook I held on, hiring a new armies from adjoining pops and sending them into the fray. Once that storm was weathered, we finally gained the upper hand and defeated the Corsairs, who, I must say, played a very good game.
I know that the QA bankrupted early. Despite this and not knowing until much later, I made a huge commitment to wipe out the QA from the off. That commitment meant buying MO and hiring HC and sending them east, whilst holding the Corsairs and LR at bay. Obviously if I had known, what I know now, perhaps I would have sent much more against the Corsairs at the beginning of play… Or just maybe, taking that town, that village, that camp from the QA, precipitated the bankrupcy, who knows?
With the South [eventually won - turn 20+] won, SG and I turned our attention to Mordor. You guys played well, for sure, but fortuantely our emmissary squads were truly awesome. The map of Mordor was a picture! On Jo I think it looked mostly pink! This could have even happened even earlier. Our NM player played too much of his own game and until taken over and then, coupled with the Noldo emmissaries, we started to gain ground, taking pop after pop.
You were real stalwarts though, by the FiK from Mordor and WiK in the North. My hat off to you two! You played great. And that outpouring from the pass, late in the game, into Anor and beyond oh so nearly wiped out NG… His tax rate was on 100%… But thankfully, kept Asko in.
And then there was the One Ring! That got our attention! It was the same turn that we nearly had a defection… Yours truly picked up the pieces from that debacle. That was quite underhand and not for this game. Well done DS team for turning him down. Yes, we had our [very many] moments of ineptitude and lack of comms… both extremely exasperating, but its not excuse to throw in the towel - especially not to your opposition! You just have to keep on going and try to pick things up. I think we managed that.
So, the One Ring… wow, you did well to locate it and you did well to get our attention. BS preumably. We sent EVERYTHING to Barad-dur and I mean everything. We cursed your key guys: Orduclax who picked it up/found it and your only champion, Ethacali, with that all important 3rd order… 990/990/215… but alas, you [had] dropped it… and after that, declared that that was enough… GAME OVER.
Well played the DS, but I’m glad for the W and I’m especially glad it’s finally over.

I was Corsairs, It was a good game
I wish i had done something to help the QA , maybe he could have held on a bi longer.
My move to your capital was a mistake, i knew i was a turn late and a few thousand HI short.
The late move to S Harad should have been a turn or two earlier.
Live and learn