ME94 - 1650 with Neutrals ends on T19

The Free People take the victory!

Greetings from NM/NG (first game back in about 13 years):
–Did the DS want to exchange T19 pdf/xmls, so we can see the whole Map at games end?
I can email someone from your team T19 and you can send me T19. Then we each can post them on their teams respective site for everyone. Let me know. I can be reached at

–We had 7 new players, 2 returning players and one Vet at the game start. So a lot of learning, but everyone worked well together. We had a few drops during the game but others on team picked them up.
–It was a fun game from the massive battles early on to the DS finding the One Ring on Turn 15 and us trying to figure out how to deal with that. We where only able to locate the One Ring one time after it was discovered out of about 25 tries. Glad the ring got lost again. That was huge.
–The artifact hunt was tough as it took us three turns to get a LAT spell (double learning did not work for us at all). However, our agents was able to even that out some by stealing a few from your retrievers. They were split nicely after the hunt but the DS got the upper hand in artifacts whey you were able to take out our agents with the artifacts in one turn at two locations, Luckily we were able to at least RIP two of your top agents before they got RIP. Then it was a matter of either avoiding or making sure we had 3-4 commanders in each army that went into Mordor.
–3/2 split on neutral (Corsairs/East went DS)

There is a ton more to discuss if wanted but will leave it here for now.

Great job by everyone!

Now that the last turn has run, does anyone for the DS side want to trade the T19 (vs T20, the final turn).
I like to see the final map and where everything was.
Just checking - thanks - John

I’m not in the group anymore bcs of my recent meltdown, but I allow my turns to be shared.

I really screwed up the diplomacy in the beginning when I got a bit too pissed at the Freeps. They then proceeded to strip Easterlings of all the vulnerable PCs. I soon after joined the DS and they graciously let me pick up Suimbalmynas horse stick which was wondefully close. That was all I had asked from the DS anyways.
Had some intense fights around Rhun Sea. Got destroyed once when I expected victory. After that it was mostly defence of the south in which I was able to win all comers.
The game was extremely poor financially, which really prohibited any resurgence of East cavalry. I guess that’s really good play from the freeps but I hated it. Can’t imagine it was really nice at the winning side either.