MEPBM team files/messages: an alternative to Yahoo Groups

Since Yahoo Groups is no longer supported (though still functioning), I wanted to mention that has been working well in my experience.

Founded by the engineers who started Yahoo Groups, it has a cleaner look, and I find it easier to use.

If you do try it out, here are a few tips in setup, after you pick your group name (which will be your group email, at Be sure to make your group messages private!).
[li]Go to Settings and select Restricted Membership[/li][li]Uncheck “New Users Moderated”[/li][li]Give Subscribers the ability to Upload Files (under Files, near the bottom of the page)[/li][li]Add your own picture for the Home Page! (top bar, under Settings)[/li][/ol]


I use this for all my MEPBM teams and highly encourage all other teams to do the same.

Using it in my current games and it works well.

Yep getting pretty standard to get around Yahoo’s “pain”. I recommend it as well

Clint - has a free migration of Yahoo Groups if you want to move your announce list over there.

I’ll leave that for players. We had considered auto-setting up groups for everyone but in the end players do a better job and have the structure they want so… :slight_smile:


Clint - I just meant that you could migrate your mailing list over to if you wanted to. They migrate all members and past posts for you free.

Ah got it, will check if I get time