Middle-earth PBM Chat on Discord

NOTE: The polling is over and Discord has been selected.

Step 1: Download Discord on your computer and/or phone.

Step 2: Use the downloaded Discord app to create a Discord account.

Step 3: Join the MEPBM Discord.

Why join MEPBM Discord?

  • Connect with fellow players over text or audio chat
  • Ask questions
  • Organize games
  • Etc, etc…

See you there!

The prior poll…

Hello! I plan to setup a Middle-earth PBM text chat system this week for players to be able to ask questions, connect about grudge games, share answers to riddles, etc. The leading contenders are Discord and Slack. Discord is focused on game communities and Slack is more often used by business communities, but there are also a lot of hobby groups using Slack, too.

I’d like to know which of those two chat systems you already use, or if you use both (or neither), which you would prefer. Please vote in the poll.

Which chat system should Middle-earth PBM use?

  • Discord
  • Slack
  • Either solution works for me
  • I have no opinion

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You need an additional response: “Never heard of either”


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No worries, I think we have a winner with Discord. I will post the link shortly.

Ok everyone, join here!