Middle-earth PBM Convention + Face-to-Face Game Survey

I am in the early stages of planning a gathering of Middle-earth PBM players + M.E. Games Ltd. to host a face-to-face Middle-earth PBM game (and other activities) over a weekend sometime in late 2018 or early 2019. The location and date is yet to be determined, and is largely going to be based on where the players live who are committing to attending the event, and when they are available.

The survey for the event is here:


Please help with the event planning by filling out this short survey and sharing this survey link with other Middle-earth PBM players you know. I am planning to do a follow-up survey in the future asking about locations and dates for the event. Stay tuned. Thank you.

This is wonderful, the only problem is that I’m living in Europe and it’s too far for me. Even so I support your initiative, sounds great!

We can do a UK event here if we do a FTF - we’ve done that before


How about a 2 location FTF? We can gather up all us Texans and neighbors and make a team. Have another team gather somewhere else. Could that work?

Although I love the idea of heading to Texas a UK venue would be slightly more convenient for me, just sad to miss the opportunity to go proper shooting! A dual (duel) FTF would be great - USA v’s the rest! haha! :wink:

Well location will be dependent. Before we had Dave Holt host it, so that’s a key consideration. If it combines with a convetion that is cool as well. Obviously everyone wants it in their home town… :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s see where people live and are where they are willing to travel to. Only 16 people have filled in the survey, so far. If a bunch of Europeans want to do this, the event may be there instead of the USA.

I checked out the survey, but I didn’t see any options for “I would love to go, but I need to check with my wife”.
I would love to go, especially if it is in Houston or any other place near central Texas (Austin, San Antonio, D/FW area).
This would also depend on what hotel the convention is at. My work conventions are at the pricy $200 a night hotels, and I can’t afford that for two nights.

Anyways, I need to make sure that weekend is open first, then get the blessing from my wife. I know we have a wedding to go to in November, just not sure on the date.

I will post back here on my findings.

*** Well, Booo! The wedding is on the 3rd. So count me out this time. Hopefully the next time you are in Texas.

rr_gamer: It is looking increasingly unlikely that the event will take place in Houston, November 2-4, based on the 22 survey results we have collected, so far.

Please fill in the survey if you have not. I will reach out to those who are interested late next week to discuss location and date options.

I am a fossil - I was at a FTF back several years ago - hosted in Illinois, USA - LOVED IT - played against a UK team over Skype

All for it - I live in Nashville area now but can travel depending on when it is - :))


My little brother lives in Houston. I’ll hit him up for ideas on hotels and bars/restaurants if you need some suggestions.

Looking forward to it, and hoping the dates are something I’ll be able to do!

I would participate if it is in Dallas or Houston.