Middle-earth PBM Reference Guide

Hello everyone,

I have recently returned to MEPBM after a 27-year hiatus. It’s great be back! As part of the process of re-learning the rules (and learning what has changed since then), I have created a Middle-earth PBM Reference Guide. While this is likely most useful to newer players, I am hoping the veterans will find it useful, as well. The link to download is:


Please send any corrections or ideas for improvement to raven@rinzai.com. Thank you.

At first glance this appears to be a very useful guide, especially for new players.

Also, Welcome Back!

I made a number of changes to the Middle-earth PBM Reference Guide (now called the Middle-earth PBM Player Aid) and wanted to post an update on the changes.

You can download it from here:



  • Changed the name of the document from the Middle-earth PBM Reference Guide to the Middle-earth PBM Player Aid. I wanted to more clearly differentiate what I created from the existing “Guide”, the actual rulebook, to reduce new player confusion. There is now a new short URL link. http://bit.ly/mepbmaid, although the old short link still works.

  • Added JOverseer map legend icons to the first page.

  • Replaced the Victory Points table on the last page with two new tables - Nation Elimination and Victory Conditions.

  • Added a clarifying note to the Army & Navy Movement page about when navies actually arrive in movement order into shore, port, or harbour hexes.

  • Color-coded the orders that are 4th Age / Kinstrife only, and added a note about The One Ring order being for 1650/2950 only.

  • Misc. typos and layout issues.

I will continue to update this document as I collect feedback.

****welcome back! This resource is pretty cool brother…rock on for Sauron

Cheers for this… as a returning player as well, this will help

A new version has been posted…

You can download it from here:


Middle-Earth PBM Player Aid v1.2 (29 July 2018):

  • Added Movement Limits table
  • Added Hidden Population Centers table
  • Added Sieged Population Centers table
  • Added How To Obtain Gold table
  • Added 4th Age Nations table
  • Added a variety of notes below tables with important game rules
  • Created consistent page padding and spacing between tables
  • Fixed a number of typos and ambiguities

This is outstanding, Rinzai. Thank you!