Nation 26 - Lossoth

Hello all, I’ve been thinking of an additional nation to allow Easterlings in the aligned games.
Here is my suggestion.

I’d like to see a sixth Neutral introduced. The Lossoth. They’d be scattered all around the northern edges of the map. They’d have a tiny navy NW, Only light troops, MT at NW, NE and maybe one n the middle, Lossoth starting pcs, and self camped pcs north of the 05 line will produce as if the climate was two steps milder.
Lossoth have +20 scout/recon
40 comms
+20% market
Summon Storms
Lossoth warships are 4 strength
A typical Lossoth starting army would be 900LC 1200LI 900Ar 1200MA
Starting PC could be 3x MT/Fort 1xTown/tower(the harbour), Some unfortified villages and camps around (or behind) the 3 MTs.
Starting Characters:
John the Great Walrus 50 0 20 0 +20cr +750combat item - champion
Gru the Penguein 0 40 0 0 (15) +500combat item
Ingman 0 0 0 50 knows SS + 500combat item
Valia 30 10 0 0
Arlaks 30 0 10 0
Fezzel 10 30 0 0 (10)
Frezel 10 0 30 0 (10)
Fravex 10 0 0 30 (10) knows scry area

Map NW corner is 1401

Sorry we can’t do a 26th nation easily (ie not wishing to do this at all there’s a lot of ciding needed),BUT we could look at modifying or replacing a nation that is already in the game instead and modifying it.

Could be fun.

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