Naval Overruns

So, in a game, we had an overrun of a 6-ship navy. Does anyone know, or have founded opinions, on:

  1. How many ships it takes to overrun 6 ships – 30 maybe, 5:1 ?
  2. Does the navy offense help, do 30 warships (plus 1 transport) have a better chance of overrunning than 31 transports? Or put another way, maybe it takes fewer ships to overrun if more of them are warships or if you have warships strength 4 or 5 ?
  3. Do war machines on the bigger navy help with overruns (as they may do for armies)?

Many thanks,


I am reminded of the wisdom of Thucydides.

Overruns are purely based on numbers. No help from warmachines or dragons or mithril armour. I assume it’s same for ships.

True for armies. It’s one of the few virtues of men at arms. Navies are among the least explored and documented aspects of the game.

Do tactics v. tactics work the same as on land? Does morale make a difference?

I always thought it was a calculation on army Constitution. so MA are much more likely to be overrun regardless of troops #'s.

Can you validate an actual situation where a, say, 5:1 HI or HC v MA incident caused a Block instead of an Overrun?

It is based on troop numbers, not their quality. That’s why FA initial setups prefer LC instead of HC.