Naval question

So suppose you have a navy at say 2733. Normally if you sail into a land hex, say SW (if there is a harbor at 2634), this ends your movement.

But because 2734 is on a river, does that mean you can sail SE, NW ? After all, you could certainly sail SE, E, NW, W. So why not SE, NW ?


I’m always surprised by how many different opinions there are on almost every subject but I’ll risk saying that, in your scenario, you can definitely sail se, nw. For navies, land hexes with a major river next to them are just like sea hexes.

I agree with you; in this case I think that everyone will agree.

I disagree just to be a nuisance :wink:

In actuality I agree they act as sea hexes.

Hi Jeremy

Yes, that will definitely work.