New and Returning players

With the new website we’ve seen a lot of new players and older returning players. New players still have a tendency to drop off, the game is generally not for them (usually too hard), but old players have a strong tendency to stick with us. So if you have any old contacts who used to play the game we’d love to hear from them and we’ll throw in some free turns (or more!) for you as well. Just drop them a line, tell them about the changes to the game if you want, give them the link to the website.

For those with little time suggest GB game - maybe share a duo with them and we’ll cover some of the cost.

and ask them to mention you if they start playing again!



Still very keen on this btw guys…:slight_smile:

I am working on recruiting two former GSI players now and two new players who have been curious about the game. Hoping for success.