New KS riddle


Encountered this new KS riddle not in the WIKI, anyone has any idea on the answer ?

Feathered form, of Valar born and valour forged;
Brother, companion, named swiftest of them all


Holy banana, here is a second new KS riddle also not in the WIKI:

I grow very slowly at imperceptible rate,
I accompany life, and survive past demise.
Men who have me may lose me in life.
I am viewed with esteem in many eyes.

I think answer is : Hair


The Great Eagles were created by Manwe of the Valar. Of the Great Eagles Gwaihir, brother of Landroval and companion to Gandalf , was the swiftest.

2nd riddle answer is hair


Yes, these were the correct answers !
And here is yet another KS riddle just discovered:

Invisible, I’m never out of sight,
Never wrong, always in the right.

I think the answer is “Angle”, anyone has a better suggestion ?

That’s an odd one Kim. The first part is actually a fairly common riddle. What is invisible but never out of sight? The answer is the letters “I” and “S”. But when you add the second part it might be just the letter “I”.

The thing is that the phrase is also used by Louis Untermeyer in an article titled, “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” in which he used it to describe “the Masses”. But this answer only makes sense if Clint is a raging Socialist.

My guess would be “I” but please let us know once you find the answer.

edit to add: My wife says the answer is “wife” but I think that is just propaganda. Then again, Clint IS married.

I’m mediocre on a good day when it comes to riddles. But I was thinking the answer might be something like “Truth”. But it doesn’t really match “never out of sight.” OR, perhaps Suraklin is close but instead of “I” it’s “Eye”?


My girlfriend also insisted I tried the “Wife” response and here is the result:

“In the presence of an intimidating magical power, Justin Timberlake stood forth and answered, “Wife.” Nothing happened for a moment, and then, with an almost palpable shudder, the walls wavered and the light went out. In a fury of smoke and fire Sauron emerged on the scene and with a single word of destruction “Eunuch !” every bone and organ in Justin Timberlakes body was disintegrated and as he passed away he finally understood the absolute treason he had just perpetrated on his gender…”

After having recovered after that terrible loss, I moved in another character and tried again with the answer “I” which was the correct answer. And the morale here is ?..

Absolutely the most hilarious reply to an encounter I have ever seen! Kudos to Clint or whomever came up with that as it is obviously not a standard reply. I would say that the moral of the story is to never listen to the womenfolk but the sad reality is that I fear my wife far more than I fear Sauron.

Even though that would have been a brilliant encounter response, I must amid that the response was a “doctored” one I made myself :slight_smile:


And yet another new KS riddle for the ME audience :slight_smile:

Speak my name
And you’ll hear me again,
Then I die
Till you call me again

I think the answer is “Echo”, agree ?

Yes. It’s a variation of this one: