New Module Variant: Independence Day

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New Module Variant: Independence Day

We are considering running a game of a new module variant: Independence Day.

All nations are neutrally aligned.
All nations hate each other (180 orders not permitted).
Each turn you receive ALL players’ xmls
Normal victory conditions are not used. Instead, victory is determined by most Independence Points at game end, which occurs either on turn 21, or when only one nation remains. Independence Points are gained as follows:

For each enemy population centre you DESTROY, you gain 10 points per level. Fortifications give 3 points per level.
For each enemy character killed (through any means), you gain 20 points.
For each artifact gained, you gain 10 points per level (or per 250 points for combat items).
For each enemy nation eliminated because you took either their last viable capital or killed their last commander, you gain 100 points.
If you go bankrupt, you get access to another inactive nation if one is available (Independence Points are carried over).

If you think you might be interested in playing this variant, please get in touch!

Love it! Sounds like a battle royale. One question though: What scenario (1650, 2950, 4th age, Kin-Strife?) is it based on?