New version of JOverseer has been released (v1.16.17)

JOverseer v1.16.17

  • Enh: Orderchecker should now be checking for duplicate skills.

  • Enh: Orderchecker now spots missing orders.

  • Fix: various incorrect CME data.

  • Fix: Ticking the ‘show climate’ option on the Map Options View works again. You will only see changes if the selected turn was imported with this fixed version.

  • Fix: Camps really can’t feed troops.

  • Fix: 585 is not a skill.

  • Fix: Don’t restrict the spells a character can cast if they hold an artifact.

  • Fix: Order results weren’t available if the character Id had trailing spaces.

  • Fix: Mage vs Mage challenges were confused over who won.

NOTE: You cannot auto-update from within JOverseer unless you make the following change to your existing JOverseer installation:

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 14.18.22

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 14.22.11

Make sure that both update URLs above are changed from http to https (just add an s to the end of http).

Then, you can update…

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 14.19.24

You then should see this…click Update.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 14.19.47

If you have any problems with the steps listed above, you can download and install the new version of JOverseer.