News from Bree

We’re looking to relaunch this Newsletter this year, so if you have any thoughts, comments, rules questions, articles (you get a free turn!) etc they would be very welcome.


I submitted an article on setting up a FA position. For all my FA friends, you’ll find it reminiscent of how I play the scenario. I hope folks find it helpful. Or at least take some pot-shots at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to work with other folks on articles. adam on mars @ yahoo . com

We almost have a complete set of turns from the last FA game (but alas fell a few short…). We were hoping to do some research on camp limits, market forces, and other details with a full view.


I was hoping to see some of those files my friend - Jz was pos 2 in that game I believe -

I would love to read the article also - I like gaining insights. I’d be happy to write a game summary of the new game 51 1650 that just started…

does anyone have an old copy that they would part with?
a real paper booklet


I don’t have a copy of Bree anywhere, but I bet there’s an old Whispers of the Wood in my stuff, somewhere.

On the -> Articles you can find from number 1 to 35 in *.pdf

K articles are coming in and so on so I’d like to see more… :wink:

I’ll see if I can write something on KS this weekend Clint.


Okay so I’ve got lots of stuff and we’re now looking to do a News from Bree website for this as it’s more easily accessible. if you have more stuff you want to send in then do please send on.

When is the estimated publishing date of the new News…?

Now… :slight_smile:

News from Bree 36 is now up…


Anyone read it?

Yes. I liked it. How often are you thinking of publishing it?

As often as we have articles. - Feel free to send in, articles suggestions include Royalty/Champion characters, NPC recruitment in KS, KS strategy guides.

How does that sound?

Ditto. Read it. Very glad to see News from Bree back in action.


The new 412 spell allows you to cast the spell on multiple items using one order. One 412 per 10 Mage rank you have (minimum of 2 and maximum of 6). (If you’re using JO then it will throw up a warning yellow box message if you put in more than one, ignore it, it works fine.)

So a 87 Mage you can do 6, 412s in one order.
Fred 940 412 101,102,109,89,54,67

If you’re below 20 Mage rank you can do 2.

I am not able to get more than one artifact id into Joverseer. For example, tried to put in 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 for my 60 something mage. Saved the order and it only shows 40. Tried 40 41 42 43 44 45 and had the same result. Any help is appreciated.

Replied in the other thread.