Only a few spots left in a one-week 1650 organized game - anyone interested?

Hi everyone,

As you know, we are organizing a face-to-face game in Las Vegas the last week of June. As part of this planning, we are organizing a Pre Las Vegas grudge game for a set of players who plan to attend the face-to-face game.

Clint has asked that we extend the invitation for others to join this rare one-week organized game (based on prior interest in one-week games and how infrequently they are offered), even to those players who have no plans to join us in Las Vegas. The players who are currently signed up for this game voted to allow a broader player list, so you’d not be coming in unwelcome.

The Pre Las Vegas Grudge Game is…

  • 3rd Age, 1650
  • 12v12, no Neutrals
  • One-week turnaround
  • With Champions, one per nation

This game will likely run through and finish the week of Las Vegas so we can all do a fun post-game meetup and discussion with both sides present in-person. So, assume a 20 turn game. There will be a player vote at some point to end or extend the game.

I have 17 players signed up for the Pre Las Vegas Grudge Game and I am getting ready to send the final player list in to Clint by tomorrow. Right now, I’ve got all 24 nations covered through a mix of single and dual nation payers, but there is room for a handful of additional players to join in.

If you want to join, please email me directly as soon as possible to be added to the list. I am

Thank you.

A maximum of three spots left. We have enough players to cover all 24 nations, but have room for three more players, if requested.