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Its been a long time since I have been in a game (some 15 years or so)

I vaguely remember overrun being a thing that should always happen if the numbers are correct. Is this true?


Yes, in one of my games my army overran the other army, killing the army commander and “everyone” in it. His army commander might have been the only character of his in it, not sure.

The ability to overrun depends on the size differential between to the two forces. I think in my case it was about 6-to-1. And rank of the army commanders matters. I had a Warlord. So, comparative army sizes and ranks of the army commanders, higher the better.

I’ve heard players claim 5-1, 6-1, and 7-1 odds are necessary for overrun. Only recently have I heard from multiple players that command rank disparity matters.
My greatest example was overrunning 3 Eothraim cav armies coming down the Rhovanion road with my more than 7k (mostly Conjured Hoards) of the Dk.Lts. The victim confirmed to my team that two of the armies were 1k cav and 5 characters were killed.
My army was ‘fed’ and under the command of Gothmog. My movement was not slowed and I reached my final plotted destination.
Again, I don’t know if command rank disparity or being ‘fed’ matters.
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I’ve never seen an overrun of an army over 1,000 troops. Not positive it doesn’t happen - just never seen it.

Horde armies love to overrun! Meats back on the menu!!!

Thanks for all the info.

I was wondering if it is possible to move a smaller army into a hex after the larger army has used all its move and not worry about and overrun?

It’s also possible that war machines help with overruns.