Play our new module: Champions of Middle-earth

We are very pleased to announce the release of our brand-new module, Champions of Middle-earth.

Set during the events of The Lord of the Rings , Champions of Middle-earth is a two player game, and is very different to our other modules.

Each player starts with only a ‘micro nation’, consisting of two characters and a handful of population centres. From this starting point, they must seek out and recruit powerful Champion characters with which to build their nations. These come with a variety of benefits, including population centres, armies, artifacts, special nation abilities, and even other characters.

Through the choice of characters you recruit, you can decide what kind of nation to build, be it military, magic or agent-based. But you will only be able to recruit some of the many characters available, so choose wisely!

Module Features:

  • Play as Gandalf or Sauron and lead the forces of Good or Evil
  • Recruit dozens of powerful Champion NPCs to fight for your cause
  • Featuring all the major characters and locations from The Lord of the Rings
  • Choose characters to suit your style of play
  • Brand new riddles and encounters
  • Setups include 5 free turns

Please Visit our Website for more details, to download the module, or sign up to play.



Will it be playable from JOverseer ?


From what I read, using JO is compulsory.

JO works very well with this. The beginning at least is very exciting with having to make choices as to whom to recruit first.

I am really, really enjoying this. I’m doing one FP and one DS, and having a ball on each.

Two thoughts:

  1. Economy seems to run a bit hot. In both games we were in a massive upward spiral by turn 6.
  2. Camping is a little more powerful than usual - because about 1 in 3 non starting PC / champion hexes have an encounter that varies from a multiple choice riddle to “say yes to get your best army promoted to 100 training”.

Economy we’re looking at so expect that to decrease.

Encounters are deliberately high, they should be fun and enjoyable. As well as hunting items camping helps with this sort of thing.

The economy in my game is getting a bit silly. 60 for a mount!

I suspect the prices will come down as we get more pop centres and less gold.

Market sell/buy prices are related to the amount of the gold surplus in each nation, no? So if you want overall lower economies, get rid of some of your surplus. The market max sell amount in our game went from 55,000 gold down to 21,000 gold really fast. (4 turns or so)