Problem with Dragon encounter

Hi, in the game I’m playing currently (Dog Lord) I encountered Lamthanc twice and was killed twice although I acted HAUGHTY both time. I know that encounter can sometime have different result than what is expected but in another game I’m playing I’ve recruted this Dragon at least 5 times in a row. So I find it hard to accept that I’ve been this bad lucky twice.

Ever happen to anyone else?

2950 or 1650?

The game is 1650

Yep got eaten several times last time where at 2717 and what are the odds for that to happen. I don’t know if the dragons are blind but they seems to think I’m Dwarf.


Thanks, it’s a pity so many Eothraims to burn and no Dragon. One less emissary.

Every encounter I see for Lamthanc as Free with reaction Haughty resulted in combat, many deaths and a few 1hp. I think some experimentation might be in order.

Dragon responses that recruit dragons DO NOT VARY. Haughty should get Lamthanc every time. Check your spelling of the word, because sometimes the problem is with a typo you made. But if it is correct, ask MEG to check the encounter. They have corrected it every time it happened to me (including once when Ruingurth attacked me!).