Returning players

Hi all!

Joe Stevenson. I was ikvsabre on this forum, but I can’t remember the password, and I don’t have that e-mail address anymore, so here I am. I know there are a number of people that have recently returned, probably thanks to COVID.

Anyway, glad to be back, and looking forward to reconnecting with people from the past.

Good gaming!

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Bingo! Back in after, well, quite a few years! What have I missed?

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Lots of returning players over the last couple years, actually. Wonder how many from the last few months?

You’ve potentially missed JOverseer and now Discord. “Play by Mail” has come a long way…

Good to see a decent sized community. New scenarios and community inspired theme games pop up here and there. Welcome back - hope to run into you all on the battlefield.


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Hey Brad, good to see you.

Brad, I think I recognize your name from about 15 years ago. Did you play on a DS grudge team when 2950 came out? Or ever play with or against Tom Walton and Brian Mason? I am Mark Jaede and I am returning after a long hiatus.

Sabio - I’ve seen you on Discord. There are a lot of Masons in this game…! I started 20 years ago, never played with Walton, but know a Brian Mason, a John Mason who plays with Brian Medus - part of a Nawlin’s crew. 2950 Grudge would not have been me. Dallied in the scenario a couple of times. Met Marios Skounakis, JOverseer creator in that scenario by chance once. Around the time you left would have been 1650 Grudge with Mike Bateman, Nick Blanchard, etc.




Mason and Walton were the creators of “The Mouth of Sauron.” If you had played with them you would remember. Sorry if I have confused you with someone else.

Mark, I remember being in a game or three with you. Welcome back!

  • Jeremy Richman

I played '95 to '05…only just getting back into it now. Team coordination a little easier these days!!!

Back in and waiting for a 1650 game to fill up.

Welcome back,
John Strac!
I hope you attack,
Pelargir or Lag-vrásfotak.

Holy Crud, here are a bunch of names I have not seen in many a moons. Hola Brad Brunet! Seeing your name brought a smile to my face. Been a long time since I have been in a game with or against you. Its Brian Medus by the way.

Dude. Pinged you on Discord… Bluecheese…can’t be mistaken for anyone else…someone remembers.