Riddle - wrong on the Wiki

There is a small dusty cave where the passage of time has seemed to stop.
There is a sense of power about the place. On one wall you see enscribed in runes and glyphs of power:

Huntsman, Rider, Bearer,
One of Seven,
King bearer, tree lover.

The riddle above is actually listed on the Wiki twice and both entries say that Orome is the answer. Seems like a pretty good fit, though the “one of seven” part gives some pause. MEPBM says that is not correct.

In the meantime, I have marked the answer incorrect at both entries on the wiki.

Any ideas?

Most likely one of the seven sons of Feanor. I will leave it to you figure out which.

Thanks - A friend suggested that to me also and I looked them up last night and didn’t really see a match, but I’ll look again.

I have not found anything about Feanor’s son’s that is a better match than Orome - not even close.


Okay, turns out the answer Orome is correct, but it killed the DS emissary answering the riddle anyway. I don’t know what class, challenge rank or allegiance (if any) will resolve the encounter.

If your answer to the riddle is correct then there should not be combat. Something is still askew.

The answer is Orome and get it from Bobbins.

It is a DS killing answer as it killed Voisiol LR Mage.

I would be pretty salty if is this riddle killed an Urzahil or Celedhring - won’t be testing that anytime soon. Thank you.

That’s not the case, sometimes you can have the correct answer but still get a negative response. There are around 4 encounters where this is the case, so sometimes even being right isn’t good enough I’m afraid. Some encounters are balanced towards alignments and other factors for example.

All part of the “funstration” as it was called… :slight_smile: